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Однажды в Америке

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Where is he?
Where is he hiding?
I don't know.
I've been looking for him
since yesterday.
I'm gonna ask you for the last time.
Where is he?
I don't know.
What are you going to do?
You stay here
in case that rat shows up.
Who you protecting...
you dumb asshole?
A stoolie who rats...
on his own friends.
They were your friends, too.
I got it.
You wanna end up like that bitch, huh?
At... at... at Chun Lao's.
Chinese theater.
You stay here
with this barrel of shit.
Easy, easy...
This way. Hurry!
Down there, Mott Street. Go, go, go!
Noodles. Untie me.
No, stay that way. No, stay.
I want them to know I did it.
-Where you going?
-I'm going to go get Eve.
They... they already been there.
Do you need anything?
-I got more than I need.
-Yeah, it's all yours now.
Where to?
Sir, where do you want to go?
The first bus.
One way.
That'll be a dollar twenty.
-I want to rent a car.
-Would you fill this out, please.
I brought back
the key to your clock.
Lock the door.
When'd you get back?
They got in touch with me.
-I thought you might know.
Me?l don't know nothing
about nobody no more.
You gonna offer me a drink.
Yeah. Forgive me. Sure.
Of course. Please sit down.
Who's Robert Williams?
I am.
"We wish to inform you that following...
the sale of the Beth lsrael Cemetery in...
Yeah, the synagogue sent these out if you...
want them to relocate your loved ones.
I got the same letter on account of my father,
Only the synagogue didn't send that.
I got that last week.
And the rabbi told me...
he sent those out about
eight months ago.
Yeah, that's right.
That's just about when I got mine.
-So what else did he say, the Rabbi?
-He said I was lucky.
The bodies of Philip Stein,
Maximilian Bercovicz...
Patrick Goldberg,
were already spoken for.
And they were up in a very fancy
cemetery in Riverdale.
What's this all mean?
It means...
"Dear Noodles...
even though you've been hiding out in the
asshole of the world, we found you."
"We know where you are."
It means...
"Get ready."
For what?
That's the one thing it didn't say.
What do you think?
I think the answer's here.
That's why I came back.
I moved everything in here.
I had to sell the house,
the back room.
I always thought you might have helped
yourself to that million bucks.
But now I know.
You're on your ass worse than ever.
-But I thought it was you.
-Naw, you thought wrong.
The suitcase was empty.
Then who took it?
That's what I've been asking myself
for thirty-five years.
If it bothers you, I can sleep here.
You can have my room.
No, it's okay.
How's your sister?
I ain't seen her for years.
She's a big star now.
We should have known, huh?
You can always tell the winners
at the starting gate.
You can always tell the winners.
You can tell the losers.
Who would a put a penny on you?
I'd a put everything I ever had on you.
Yeah, and you would've lost.
-Well, you're beat. Goodnight.
-Goodnight, Moe. Thanks.
What have you been doing
all these years?
Been going to bed early.
Deborah... papa says you should help.
We got customers all over.
We can't do everything.
I've got my elocution lessons.
Fat, you'd better spray the toilet.
I saw a cockroach in there.
-Sorry, I can't make it today.
-See you tomorrow.
Okay. Bye.
Sorry, Fats.
Bugsy's got a job for us.
Hurry up. He don't wait.
-Who you calling a cockroach?
-So what are you?
You're filthy, you make me sick.
You crawl up toilet walls...
just like a roach.
So, what are you?
Let go!
I make you sick, huh? Then how come you
showed me your tush?
To a roach?
Go look at yourself,
David Aaronson.
If she don't leave me alone, I'm gonna give
her what she's asking for.
-What's Bugsy want?
-We gotta wake up a deadbeat.
That schmuck at
Однажды в Америке

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