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# Is it me, for a moment...
# Love
# Rain on me
# Bell boy [echoes]
# Can you see
the real me, can you?
# I went back to the doctor,
to get another shrink
# I sit and tell him
about my weekend...
Darlin'! Whey!
# Whoo!
# Can you see the real me,
# Doctor?
# Can you see
the real me, Doctor?
# Whoa, Doctor!
# I went back to my mother
# I said I'm crazy, Ma, help me!
# She said,
I know how it feels, Son
# 'Cos it runs in the family
# Can you see the real me,
# Mother?
# Can you see the real me,
# Whoa, please!
# Can you see,
can you see the real me?
# The real me, the real me
# Can you see the real me,
# Preacher...
[Rockers shout]
Fuck off!
[Rockers shout]
Bollocks! Fuck off!
Why don't you get off and push?
# Can you see?
Can you see? Can you see?
# Whoa!
# Can you see the real me,
# Can you see the real me
# Mother!
'Ere, Ferdy. Ferdy.
Say, 'ello, Jim.
How's it goin', eh?
All right.
'Ere, you got
something nice for me?
At your service, friend.
They keep your brains warm?
How many d'you want?
Well, come 'ere.
I want about a dozen.
Fuck off, Jim.
All right, 20. But how much?
They're pretty scarce right now.
I went abroad to get these.
Got on a banana boat
back to Jamaica, did you?
No. Brixton.
And as you know, Jim,
it costs money.
All right, all right. How much?
You're a fuckin' liberty-taker.
[Loud pop music]
[Loud pop music]
0i! Ferdy!
- Hello, lovers!
- Hi, Monkey! [Laughs]
Go on, get in there!
She won't bite.
'Cos if you don't, I might!
- No, I'm not bothered.
- Not much.
I know, I'll ask for you.
- No, you won't.
- 0i, Steph!
[Jim] Fuck off!
# Now, you know, you know
you're gonna knock 'em dead #
[Cheering and applause]
[Band starts new song]
# I love the way you walk
# I'm crazy 'bout your walk
# I love the way you walk
# I love the way you walk
# You're my baby... #
[Quiet voices]
[Dad] Pack it up. Don't do that.
- [Mum] Why not?
- Just go to sleep.
I always do. I'm fed up with it.
Here, Yvonne.
You got any scissors?
Under the table.
0h, what you done?
Dunno, what I done.
I can't see, can I?
It's only some naiI varnish.
I'll clean it up tomorrow.
You're so bleedin' clumsy.
'Ere, you wanna watch it,
you know.
0ne day you'll come from under
there with first degree burns.
It happened to my mate's sister.
0h, piss off.
# Why should I care
# If I have to cut my hair?
# I got to move with the fashion
# 0r be outcast
# I know I should fight
# But my old man,
is nearly all right
# And I'm still living in hope
# Even though it won't last
# Zoot suit!
# White jacket with side-vents
# Five inches long
# I'm out on the street again
# And I'm leaping along
# Day's ride, for a beach fight
# But I just can't explain
# Why that uncertain feelin'
# Is still here in my brain #
[Man sings]
# Well, be-bop-a-lula
# She's my baby
# Be-bop-a-lula,
I don't mean maybe...
0i! Will you leave
that out, please?
Do what?
Er, don't sing all that
old rubbish, eh?
That ain't rubbish, pal!
That's Gene Vincent, all right?
Yeah's what I said. 0ld rubbish.
Why don't you just turn over and
do a few underwater farts, eh?
Why don't you just fuck off?
You fuck off.
[Sings again]
# Well, be-bop-a-lula
# She's my baby...
# Da-da da-doo! Do-do do-doo!
- # Yeah, you really got me
- # Be-bop a-lula...
#... Don't know what I'm doin',
really got me...
- # Yeah! You really got me
- # Be-bop-a-lula!
- # You got me so...
- # Don't mean maybe...
[Man shouts]
What are you? Couple o' fairies?
[Both sing louder]
[Knocking on walls]
All right, all right.
Cut it out!
What d'you think this is? The
bloody Eurovision Song Contest?
[Jim] Ahh!
Right, I'll sort you out.
Look! If you wanna start,
I'll see you outside...
- Fuck me.
- Kevin Herriot?
Yeah, yeah.
I thought you was in the army?

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